Adventure awaits!

Why go on an adventure? The basic need to seek adventures is to do something in your life that is unique to all others, to do something that no one or very few have ever done before. Going on adventures not only get you the recognition for achievement, but also the satisfaction of hitting a milestone in life.

Maybe what looks like an adventure is just another way to get in touch with your real feelings about yourself and how you fit in life. What we take as adventure is naturally situations where there are no influences besides our unique decisions where the consequences of it are straight and fast returned to us.

There is a huge gap in India when it comes to organized adventure programs. I being in the adventure travel field for more than 5 years now have experienced as an adventure guide the good, the bad and the ugly of the industry.  Adventures are more like a goal that is positive than anything else. The once in a lifetime experiences are sold for huge profits for trekkers and the trek guides and support staff are also not paid a fair wage for their part in the journey. YATA-India is our humble attempt to bridge this gap with the co-operation of the ever-growing fellow trekker community of India. 

We have successfully completed loads of adventure programs till date in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh till date and have many more queued up for the months to come. We are also planning to roll out cultural tours and road-trips very soon.

For any queries or business proposals, do contact us at or +91-9718394162.


  • The new website looks fantabulous! I went on kedarkantha trek in December with my friends. The arrangement of accommodation, food and service were excellent. Met lots of people from various backgrounds. Amazing experience overall! Planning Har ki Dun this season. 🙂

  • WOW! The new look of yata india is amazing! participated in kedarkantha last year with my friends through YATA. The staff, food, accomodation and service were very good. Next time i am planning for sar pass! i hope yata india will excel in their venture and ofcourse maintain consistent quality in the future as well

  • Yata-India website has quite improved in the last few months, great work guys.
    I went on kedarkantha trek with yata group in the start of this year. They provided us the best facilities and they were extremely friendly and the food was the best part. I would recommend anyone looking forward for a trek to give this group a chance. All through out the trek we had long conversations with the founders of this group and without doubt i would say their intentions are good and i am again looking forward to do a trek with this group in the month of september

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